Pony Tales Refuge

& Rehab, Inc.

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Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing equines from abandonment, abuse, neglect and slaughter.  We provide equines with a safe, loving home while they recover and rehabilitate by providing food, shelter, medical care, nurturing and training.  We also provide a refuge for those that are too physically or emotionally traumatized to be adoptable and for the elderly to live out their final days in a loving, peaceful manner.  Our excellent reputation and long list of success stories attest to our devotion, hard work, utmost care and dedication to those in our care and our commitment to improving the future for all equines.  We specialize in starvation cases and implement the appropriate refeed plan based on the individual's needs and history.  We also take in, raise, and rehome orphaned foals each spring through our partnership with the Kentucky Humane Society.  .

Keep up to date with our daily happenings!

Want to see new photos and videos of a day in the life at Pony Tales?  Are you wondering who is the apple of someone's eye or which baby has decided they'd like to be a chef when they grow up? Or who likes to drink from the hose like the dogs? Yes, sometimes there will even be some shaming going on here, especially with so many "kids" running around.  There's rarely a dull moment around here and we don't want you to miss a minute of it!! Follow us on Facebook!

"No More Couch Potatoes" Arena Fund!

Every year the same thing. Winter rolls around here at Pony Tales in Western Wisconsin and everyone gets to sit around and be couch potatoes. They extend their days of lounging in the summer sun into chilling out for the winter.  Snow depth, frigid temperatures, and ice make it virtually impossible to do much of anything with them for 3-4 months every year.  With an indoor arena, the extended periods of laziness would be all but eliminated.  Please help us give them the exercise and work so many of them desperately need by donating to the Arena Fund!  Thank you!!

Let us help you, too...

Do you have a horse that you are having difficulty taking care of?  Do you no longer have the time to care for and/or spend with your horse?  Have the kids moved away or lost interest in the horse?  Whatever the reason may be, before you send your horse to auction, contact us.  Or maybe you just have some questions about basic care or special needs horses?  We offer free advice and information to anyone who seeks it out.  If you have any questions, please call 715-568-4174 or email us at rescueme@ponytalewi.org.