Pony Tales Refuge

& Rehab, Inc.

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Join the _______________Club!

Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. is funded solely from donor support and adoption fees, neither of which can ever be counted on as definite income.  Becoming a _________ and sponsoring even just one of our rescues helps us know for a fact that we have the funds to provide the utmost care for that horse.  When we are at full capacity, it costs approximately $3,500 a month just to feed the horses in our care.  This does not even include veterinary and farrier expenses.  We operate solely on the help of volunteers and no one receives any compensation other than the joy we get in watching the rescues transform and find their perfect new home!  As such, you can be sure that every penny of your sponsorship goes directly to the care of "Your" horse.  

Sponsorship is a great way that you, your organization, your family, or your group of friends can help ensure the utmost care for one of the horses that has found themselves in need of our program.  Many of the horses we take in require time to just learn how to be a horse again or learn that not all people are to be feared due to physical and/or emotional trauma they have experienced.  These horses are often perfectly healthy in all other aspects, but the trauma they have experienced bars us from putting them quickly into training and ultimately available for adoption.  This means that yes, they spend quite a bit of time just eating and lounging around.  That is all a part of their rehabilitation and it is of utmost importance that they be allowed to do so with no pressure from us.  The amount of time it takes each horse to come to us and let us know they are ready varies on a case by case basis.  A stable base of sponsorship helps us provide them with as much time as they need without us feeling pressured financially to find them homes as soon as possible.  We have several levels of sponsorship available:

  • Full Sponsor: $200.00 per month - covers all care - feed, shelter, vet and farrier
  • 3/4 Sponsor: $150.00 per month - covers feed, shelter, and basic vet care
  • 1/2 Sponsor: $100.00 per month - covers grain and hay
  • 1/4 Sponsor: $50.00 per month - covers grain only

Ready to join?

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our rescues, you can choose the horse you would like to sponsor and we will recognize you on Facebook and on the website by their posting. All of the horses listed on the Look Who's Here! page are available for sponsorship unless otherwise noted.  You can take pride in knowing that you played a vital role in helping them begin the next chapter in their Tale as they rehabilitate and become ready for their perfect person.  You can set up a recurring payment via PayPal to us a [email protected]   We will contact you quickly via email to confirm receipt and verify whether or not you wish to be recognized on our website and/or Facebook.  You may also choose to send a monthly check or money order to Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. at 4398 130th Avenue, Colfax, Wisconsin 54730.  No matter which method you choose, be sure to include a notation on which horse you are sponsoring and whether or not you would like recognition for your sponsorship.  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]  **Please note: Sponsorship of a horse does not give you priority when the horse becomes available for adoption. All adoption decisions are made based on the best placement and match for each particular horse.   

Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

Co-Sponsor: $20.00 per month - All the same benefits of being a full Sponsor, but you share the credit with another co-sponsor of your choosing (ie a friend or family member) or you are paired with someone else wishing to sponsor the same horse.  

Before the Killpen: $1,000.00 - If you want Pony Tales to pick up a new horse from an auction, neglect/abuse situation, or owner distress situation that you see, you can make it happen!  The initial intake costs of a new rescue can often be cost prohibitive to us, especially in an auction situation.  Most horses sell for around $500.00 at auction, give or take, and sometimes more if we are bidding against a killbuyer.  Of course we all know that's the cheap part.  Next comes the cost of transport, immediate veterinary and farrier care, in addition to quarantine.  If you are interested in helping us get them Before the Killpen, let us know.  Especially if there is a specific horse you have seen and are worried about.  **Please note: We will NOT accept funds to buy a horse from a killbuyer/killpen.  No exceptions.  To do so, only gives them more money to bid higher against us at the next auction.    

Corporate Sponsorship: Any amount - If you or your company/organization would like to sponsor a rescue, please send us an email at [email protected]  We will be happy to discuss your thoughts/ideas and customize a sponsorship just for you including, but not limited to, advertising on our website and Facebook page, signage at Pony Tales, business name/logo displayed on advertising materials.  We look forward to working with you!

Sponsor an Event: Any amount - If you or your company/organization would like to sponsor an event we are planning, be it a fundraiser or educational event, please  send us an email at [email protected]  You can check out the Upcoming Events page here to see if there is an event you are interested in sponsoring.  We will be happy to discuss an event sponsorship with benefits to you including, but not limited to, advertising on our website and Facebook page, signage at Pony Tales, business name/logo displayed on advertising materials.  We would also like to hear your ideas on events you would like to see us organize in the future! We look forward to working with you!