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The Adoption Process

When selecting a new home for one of the rescues at Pony Tales, our ultimate goal is that this new home will be a “forever” home for that horse, donkey, or pony.  While there is simply not a way to absolutely guarantee that the new home will in fact be forever for them, it is our duty to do everything within our power to find that perfect match.  If there is a spark, the odds greatly increase that the horse, donkey, or pony will never need us again.  As such, we encourage potential adoptive families to come out and meet the rescue they are interested in.  The adoptive family is welcome to come out and visit the rescue as often as they wish so that they are absolutely sure that they want to offer it a home.  We want the adoptive family to learn as much about the rescue as possible.  Only once the adoptive family is sure this is the horse they want to join their family is it necessary to fill out an Adoption Application.  

We will then conduct a site visit, background check, and reference verifications.  An Application is not denied though simply because someone has a speeding ticket, for example, or has even had financial trouble in the distant past.  We at Pony Tales understand that no one is perfect, people make mistakes, and money can become tight at times.  Our goal in this is to determine if there have been any animal neglect or abuse issues in this family.  We simply cannot subject one of our rescues to that potential problem.  

The site visit can be replaced with photos and/or video of the property where your new horse will be kept so that we can determine if there are any potential hazards that may need to be corrected in order for us to approve an application.  The Adoption Agreement provides you with the guidelines that we require.  We encourage you to review the Agreement to be sure you meet the standards.  If you do not, say for example you have barbed wire fencing.  This is not an acceptable form of fencing, but you are given the option to replace it prior to your new horse's arrival if you wish.  Therefore, your Application may still be approved once the fencing is replaced. 

We will also ask for contact information for your veterinarian and farrier.  We need to know that you have a working relationship with both and that you are in good favor with them.  If you are a new horse owner, we can refer you to a competent veterinarian and farrier in your area.  Again, not having this information at the time of applying, is not necessarily a deal breaker, but you will be required to get in contact with one of each and form a relationship.  The required Adoption Agreement allows us to contact these individuals if we have concerns that they are not getting the necessary care. 

We will also ask for personal references, ie those who can attest to the statements you make on the Application and that you can provide a good home for the rescue.  These should be people you have known for quite some time that know you well enough to be able to attest to your qualifications.  Family, outside of the immediate family where the rescue will be living, is acceptable, as well as close friends.

We do not want potential adoptive families to feel intimidated by this process.  We have not yet had to deny an application for any of these reasons.  We have this protocol in place as we must do our due diligence to ensure that the new home will be a good, loving and safe home.  We put much time, love, money, blood, sweat and tears into every equine we rescue and it is not just our goal, but rather it is our responsibility to do whatever is necessary to prevent harm coming to them.  Each and every one of them is a part of our family and it is always hard to see them leave, but a new home is what is best for them all.  We provide the necessary care, but there simply are not enough hours in the day for us to give them all the one-on-one attention they need and deserve.  Their new home must be able to provide this for them along with the basic care they need.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.  Thank you for considering giving one of these amazing horses, donkeys or ponies a new home.  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]